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Frame Drum Wisdom is your source for the Meinl Sonic Energy Collection of products ~ including frame drums, gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, specialty drums, hand pans and other wonderful resonating instruments for vibrational healing and well-being.


Frame Drum Wisdom is featured in the Topics section of the new Meinl Sonic Energy website.  Take a look HERE!

Visit the Meinl Sonic Energy website to see the full line up of products available.  Find what you are looking for and email karenrenee@framedrumwisdom for competitive pricing and availability. Product will be shipped directly to you.


Purchasing through Frame Drum Wisdom helps support the important work we are doing to raise the awareness of the power of sound vibration for everyone!

Video courtesy of Sound For Stress | An Austin, Texas based sound immersion and training company. Learn more at

Flower Of Life

16" Frame Drum

Super Soft Drum Mallets

16" Wave Drum

Venus Flower

16" Frame Drum


16" Frame Drum

Endless Knot

16" Frame Drum

18" Frame Drum

20" Frame Drum

18" Wave Drum

20" Wave Drum

Egg Shakers

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Other products we have available for sale will be shared here soon!

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