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Frame Drum Wisdom is your source for the Meinl Sonic Energy Collection of products ~ including frame drums, gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, specialty drums, hand pans and other wonderful resonating instruments for personal vibrational healing and well-being. To see the full line of products available visit the Meinl Sonic Energy website HERE

We are committed to providing a personal connection with you to select the perfect frame drum for your vocal frequency.

With Each Frame Drum Order (unpainted only) You Will Receive a Drum Mallet and

30-minute Virtual Zoom Session with Karen Renée to Select Your Drum.

During the session, she will listen to your voice, find your power frequency and select a frame drum to match your unique voice and resonance. Taking this extra step will ensure that your experience and connection with your frame drum will feel like a Divine, sacred reunion when you receive it. It will truly become a close "ally and friend" on your soul-inspired journey ahead.

If you are interested in other Meinl Sonic Energy products, please email for competitive pricing and availability.

Purchasing through Frame Drum Wisdom helps support the important work we are doing to raise the awareness of the power of sound vibration for every human being. Thank you!

Please Note:  We are only accepting orders that can be shipped in the United States.

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Painted Frame Drum, 16" Butterfly - Renaissance

In stock
Product Details
Brand: REMO

Frame Drum, 16” - Butterfly- Renaissance(hand painted)

The REMO Fiberskyn Frame Drum Walnut is a pre-tuned frame drum that features an Acousticon drum shell and Fiberskyn drumhead to produce warm, projecting tones ideal for any musical application. Measuring 16" in diameter and 2.5" tall, this hand drum generates deep, resonant sounds perfect for drum circles, live shows and recording sessions.

The Remo Fiberskyn drumhead comes pre-tuned to an ideal pitch, allowing you to start playing right out of the box. Made from synthetic fibers, the Fiberskyn head produces a wide range of tones from high to low. Play it with your hands or mallets to create a thunderous bass or a sharp slap. The drumhead's versatility makes this frame drum suitable for any style of music.

Acousticon Shell, Fiberskyn Head (synthetic)
Finish: Matte Wood Grain
Symbol: Butterfly
Hand Painted by Karen Renée Robb (k.renée 2023)

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