Classes | Workshops | Retreats

A variety of sound and healing arts classes and experiences are available to meet your personal, community or organizational needs.  Examples include:

Your Voice Is Vital Virtual Sound Circle | Join in a virtual vocal exploration experience designed to open yourself up to the power of your own voice. In the privacy of your home (or wherever you are) a safe container will be created for you to liberate and become friends with your voice. You will be led in different vocal practices to help free your voice and use it to resonate your own body and being. You will be amazed at the textures and tones your voice can create. With a new sense of vocal freedom and strength, new pathways to express yourself and move energy will be created.


Your Voice Is Vital Sound & Drum Circle | Your voice and heartbeat are needed in the Great Symphony of Life. Come play with the power of sound and express your unique rhythms in a fun, easy, supportive circle. Whether strangers, old friends, or recent connections, we'll gather in community to heal through sound beat, and song. It’s primal. We all know how to do it; we just need a safe place to explore and remember. You will be altered in meaningful and memorable ways. Frame drums and other percussive instruments provided. Bring your own drum if you'd like. No musical experience necessary. Just you! Frame Drum Wisdom's mission is to put the power of sound vibration back into the voices, hands, hearts and bodies of all human beings. Come and be lifted up! You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and enlivened.

Activate Your Primal Force : Vocal & Rhythmic Release | Within the depths of your body and soul, there is a sound and rhythm that has been trapped for generations. It is time to dig deep and cultivate a relationship with your voice and innate rhythm beyond any comfort zone. Activating our lower chakras through primal sounding and drumming you will be guided to unleash a power that will change your life and world. We will explore vocal sounds and vibrations that will ease the mind, move emotional energy, enliven the body and reveal to you the mystery of your ancestors. Activating the true power of “Abracadabra” and vocal vibrations within you designed for your own well-being and healing.  


Exploring the Healing Power of Sound | If you are serious about learning and putting into practice sound healing techniques in your life or in service to others, this is a great starting point. Join us for an afternoon of sound exploration. Participants will experience a variety of sound healing modalities designed to enliven the Spirit, energize the body and reconnect us to a vital, natural instrument we were born with. Be renewed by the power of voice, drums, singing bowls, tuning forks and more! Discover the sound vibrations that resonate for you and activate a higher state of well-being in your daily life and on your unique souls path. Frame drum singing, sound vibration massage and communal sounding will be included during our time together. Frame drums and other sounding instruments will be provided. Just bring yourself, a journal and pen, a drum if you have one, an open heart and mind, and wear comfortable clothes.

Sound Bath Immersion & Sound Circle | Serenity Through Sound.  Spend some quality time with us shedding stress, re-energizing your body and reigniting your life. Part Sound Immersion and part Sound Circle experience - participants will receive and create - balancing passive and active engagement with sound. Relax and let the sound waves of the Planetary gongs wash over you, melting any place that is tight, sore, and stiff away. Quieting mind chatter, and opening up that sense of peace that resides in all of us. You then will arise anew to feel your own heartbeat in the continuous circle of a frame drum. You will feel the beating and pulsing of rhythm, ancient yet new. You will be called to join in with the drum and your voice, unleashing waves of sound with your unique power and strength. You will leave the experience filled up, renewed and excited for the journey.

Water, Color & Sound | Explore the creative power of sound and color through drumming, vocalizing, and watercolor techniques designed to expand your experience of spontaneous flow. Our time together will be spent in equal parts sound circle and in putting color to paper and witnessing how the flow of water moves it effortlessly across the page, creating pleasant surprises and mystical imagery. Deeply meditative and enlivening. You will leave with a deeper awareness of your ability to “go with the flow” and feeling vibrantly alive. Watercolor supplies and frame drums/other percussive instruments provided.

ReSounding Wholeness : Coming Home ~ A 9-month Journey of Self-Discovery & Personal Freedom | Awaken your personal souls calling and creative potential through sound and creative expression in a program guided by Karen Renée Robb, founder Frame Drum Wisdom.  Participants will receive knowledge, training and hands on experiences utilizing the Frame Drum Wisdom techniques.  Learn to engage sound and explore creative expression for personal well-being and to facilitate experiences with others in a good way. Each weekend will serve as a retreat for your body, mind, emotions and soul - developing a deeper relationship with your Self and others.  At the end of the program you will be encouraged to integrate your awareness, gifts and skills into a new level of service in your life, community and in the world.  You are the creator, creating.