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Featured Testimonial 

Kristin Clark | Singer, Songwriter & Mystical Dream Weaver

Brentwood, TN


"I love looking back at how Spirit led me to Karen Renée. It began with a play of synchronicity which is always Spirit’s way of telling us to pay attention, to follow the clues being offered. A friend of mine mentioned Karen Renée in passing. It barely registered. I was driving and not paying close attention. But I retained the title she’d been given, ”the Drum Lady of Nashville.” I had felt some excitement at the thought of women drumming and singing but never would have sought it out. I didn’t go out and do things like that. I took care of my children. I didn’t have a community outside of my family and a few friends nor was I looking for one.


Then a different friend asked me if I wanted to join her at a Nashville Creatives Meeting. I had never been to one but said I’d go.

A beautiful woman got up to tell her story at the meeting that night, drum in hand. As I listened I realized she was the same woman my friend had mentioned recently. I knew enough about synchronicity to know there was something here for me to discover. I approached her afterwards and got her card.


What I did not know was that Karen Renée’s offering of the frame drum as a way to reclaim our voices, held the key to a locked up part of myself that had been crying out in silence for many years. I did not use my voice except to sing to my babies in little whispered lullabies. I had all but forgotten that at one time singing had been my greatest joy. I never mentioned to anyone that I had written several songs about 15 years earlier in an effort to heal myself from old, unhealed wounds. My belief was simply that I was not good enough to do those things I loved. My belief was that my voice was not good enough to use or share with others. When I met Karen Renée that night, I had already begun to face the truth that I could not keep that part of myself buried anymore but the fear of opening my mouth and hearing sound come out - in front of other humans - was huge and paralyzing. There was no way I could do that, except, as it turns out, through the forgotten, healing art of the frame drum.


I mustered the courage to show up to a Frame Drum Circle and found a gathering of mostly women with very similar stories to my own. We were open and vulnerable with each other. Karen Renée sets this tone by being open and vulnerable herself. She guides and teaches but always reminds that circle is about community and equality. We would all share a little bit-our blocks, our pain, our hopes and desires. As I got over my fear and began to make sound (it’s easier with a big frame drum hiding your face) the magic began to happen. 

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It was as if I had dipped my head into an ancient pool of wisdom. I felt ancestral memory and power and love welling up in me. It didn’t matter what the sound sounded like that was coming out of me. It wasn’t about sounding pretty and polished. It was about using my voice as an instrument for healing just like our ancient mothers and grandmothers did for generations before the drum was taken from them. I was being activated and I was remembering what it really meant to use my voice.


Around this same time I had gone to my husband, a professional musician and producer, and told him that I wanted to make a record of the songs I had written all those years ago. As much as I had shamed myself into burying them, a deeper voice told me there was something in them. The fear of performing them in front of any living person was still way too much to handle but I just kept showing up and taking my baby steps, going to the Frame Drum Circles, singing with Karen Renée and the other incredibly wise and beautiful women who had become my soul family.


Once Karen Renée invited me to sing my songs for only her at her home. This was scary but I said yes. At the time she had many dogs and cats. As I sang, they all came in, one by one, from different parts of the house and took their seats on couches and chairs and floors, all facing me and, honestly, listening. That was my first big audience. I have since held many concerts of my songs in venues in Nashville, for people in Hospice care, at gatherings for Active Dreamers on a magical mountain, at healing retreats all over the globe, and around small circles of the dearest sisters and friends.


My husband and I finished the record after 6 years and it was released in January of 2020. It feels like the deepest freedom to be sharing this part of myself now. Karen Renée has been there, cheering me on, supporting me through her wisdom and love. I know, for certain, that Karen Renée's mission to bring the frame drum back into our lives, and to aid us in the reclaiming of our voices is what has made it possible for me to find and love my own voice again, to fulfill what feels like a divine mission, and to make a once buried dream sprout up into bloom.

Ryan Flint | Knoxville, TN

"I've been told numerous times that music is powerful. I've been told numerous times that music is energizing, refreshing, palpable, and healing. I've experienced these things while playing piano, but that's nothing compared to what I just experienced in the last two hours. I wasn't playing piano either. Instead, I was playing a Djembe I've not touched for years, and I was playing with around 10 or so total strangers. Why was this such an experience for me?

There is energy flowing inside each of our minds and bodies. Often, we use it to fuel practical things, things we do in our daily lives, whether that be solving a complicated problem in school, driving for hours on the road, or figuring out logistics for a big event. Often, using this energy in this way leaves us in a tumultuous state, and thus without much energy.

Being a student at the college level, I am no stranger to this feeling.

Regaining this energy came in the form of a sound/drum circle led by Karen Renée Robb. She reminded me that simple rhythms and vocalizations are more than sufficient to heal yourself. There is an innate desire to be at peace and harmony within us. There's also an innate desire for freedom, the desire to play what you wish and not being forced into one rhythm or another. This was one of the main points emphasized through the playing and vocalizations.

When playing rhythms on a drum with others, you have foundation. You have stability, order, and vigor. Add in the vocalization (regardless of key), and you have feeling, emotion, closure, expression, and so much more. The combination of these two elements took me to an alternate dimension, a dimension where nothing matters, where you are free. In this dimension, the energy is limitless. It no longer concerned me who was playing what, but instead the aggregate vortex of sound and being able to absorb it. Hearing others' thoughts through this vortex and responding in my own way...there's nothing quite like it.

Returning from this dimension, I feel complete. I feel energized. I haven't felt this way in a while.

This writing barely scratches the surface of what I experienced and what it feels like to be free with others musically. These sorts of experiences aren't explainable either, because if they were, they'd lose their value and be less potent.

I definitely do recommend getting a drum of some sort and just playing it every once in a while. Remind yourself that, despite what is happening in this dimension, there's another one always calling your name, imploring you to find it. Be receptive of the simple rhythms. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has some sort of musicality within them. I beg you, don't prevent it from letting it flourish and consume you. Instead, invite it to do so. What you'll discover when you do is unknowable. That's scary for some people. What is certain, though, is that you will gain a different perspective on how you view the world and the energy within it. You will find peace and comfort in responding to nature's call. I know I certainly have."

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“Drumming and sounding bring me back to center. They strengthen and balance my resiliency and self worth. I thought the push and pull of the chaotic cacophony of life was normal; how life was supposed to be. Yet somehow life, my spirit kept drawing me back to my roots, to my voice. Karen Renée's genuine love of people and their paths of discovery through the drum helped me to uncover my own sound, my voice. I know when the swells of life begin to rock me out of balance I can sound with the frame drum and find my way home.”
Kim Galinat | Nashville, Tennessee

“I met Karen Renée at an Expressive Arts group for Women Veterans. She was facilitating a drum circle to demonstrate healing through sound. I will never forget the moment I heard her sing through the frame drum. It immediately brought tears to my eyes. I had never been a part of a drum circle but was always very curious. We drummed and sounded our stress away. At the end of the session, I could still feel the vibrations throughout my body. I felt renewed. It was such a powerful release! I went out and bought my own frame drum 2 days later. Since then, I’ve attended several sounding circles. Each time, I leave feeling reenergized, refreshed and full of life. I am forever grateful I met Karen Renée. She introduced me to an all new, natural way of healing.”

Jessica Sykes Wilson | Nashville, Tennessee

"The first time I’d ever heard of a Frame Drum was when Karen Renee began singing with hers during a training we were attending together. The moment I heard the first sound I was instantly moved to tears. It was so primal yet so familiar to me but not something I’d ever recalled hearing. It resonated deep within my soul as though it was sent to gently reawaken a part of myself that had been sleeping. I was beyond excited to hear that Karen Renee would be offering a Frame Drum workshop and of course I attended. I am in love, not just with the way the drum resonates deep within me or within others, not just the rich fluid tones that come from it, or even the ability it has to call out our inner child….I love it for all these reasons, but most of all its ability to heal and transform. I’m thrilled to share that as a result of being introduced to this wonderful instrument, I now own my own. There is a Peace, a Serenity and a Roar that resides in each one…it is yours for the calling" From my heart to yours, Teri Pugh CLC

"Karen's workshop was the perfect experience for not only finding your voice and your beat, but also more of your soul tribe! The camaraderie was intoxicating, and Karen's warmth, knowledge, and talent were such a gift to all of us. I'm so looking forward to adding this to my energy practice and meditation groups. I'm still buzzing...Thank you Karen!"
Debi Tripp, C.Ht.

"Thank you for a fabulous evening and introduction to the frame drum! You created a safe & encouraging environment for me to step out of my box and experience the world of frame drum singing & drumming. I've been forever changed!"

Robin Barnes

"Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing spiritual provoking and inter-body experience through Frame Drum singing! I am inspired to continue to develop a connection with my new drum...and I look forward to permeating the vibrations to others! Seeing the other ladies in the play shop having similar experiences was very affirming that this is a new era of reconnecting therapy in the making. I felt like I had made a visit to a spirit goddess hide out and was given a new lease on interpersonal communication. Such a peaceful feeling. Thanks again for sharing and teaching!"

Just before the drumming, I was describing to my drumming partner how I am in a grieving process.  I went on to talk about my stiff neck, lower back, etc.  During the drumming, I was able, for the most part, to let go of my overthinking and analyzing and just feel the drumbeat.  When the drum was over my heart, my heart responded strongly to the sound and feeling of the drumbeat.  It was almost overwhelming.  I finally realized that my heart had taken its rightful place, and was simply saying that it was broken.  Just that simple.  A broken heart.  My brain can make things so complicated... I can say with all honesty that healing has begun! This experience led me away from my thoughts and into my heart. It made me aware anew that my heart needs to be in charge. 


This Session Has Been The Best Of All Of Them - Trudy Wright, MSN, WHNP-BC, RNC-OB, C-EFM,
Assistant Professor Cumberland University, Rudy School of Nursing and Health Professions
"Thank you for an awesome presentation to my nursing students enrolled in Complementary and Alternative Healthcare on February 24, 2015. It is always a pleasure to have you come talk to my class as you have so many times before. The students loved the experiential nature of the session, especially feeling the actual vibrations associated with live music. I always know that when you are the scheduled speaker, it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone, myself included.

I would like to mention some of the students’ comments after the session regarding their experience.
~ “Relaxed, rejuvenated, can still feel the vibrations inside of me even after the sound is no longer there.”
~ “I am very glad I got to experience this. It definitely opened my eyes to this type of therapy.”
~ “It felt powerful to feel the sound go through your body, and the resonance of your voice is very uplifting.”
~ “Calm, relaxed, great experience, mind opening.”
~ “Excited, open-minded, euphoric, like weight has been lifted.”
~ “I think this is what heaven will be like. I escaped from ‘worldly’ things while here. Love it! Thank you for blessing me.”

For myself, this session has been the best of all of them. When I was in the center being “drummed” by everyone else, it was amazing and very mind opening. It is such a pleasure working with you and I love seeing you in my class. I plan on continuing our relationship and having you come “drum” us regularly. Thank you very much."


No Doubt The Girls Felt The Healing Vibrations - Laura Donohue, Girls Up Loud

"Karen Renée visited our girls' singing camp (Girls Up Loud) as one of our special guests and she was a huge hit! It was so beautiful to see the expressions of joy and delight on the faces of 36 middle school girls as they watched Karen Renee sing into the drum. They were filled with questions about the drums and she answered all of them so thoughtfully, and talked very passionately about her journey with her own voice. When Karen Renée went around the room and demonstrated the incredible healing power of the drum's vibrations there was no doubt that all the girls felt them!  I am so grateful that our campers not only got to experience that, but also got to hear such a beautiful story of claiming one's vocal power from such a strong and loving woman."

In A Matter Of Minutes Everyone was More Connected, Open and Joyful - Vali Forrister, Act Like A GRRRL

"Karen Renée Robb's Frame Drum Wisdom Workshop for Act Like a GRRRL had profound effects on all who were there. I had heard that her work was amazing, but that doesn't begin to describe the power of the experience. I witnessed profound shifts as each of our teenage girls began working with her drum. Learning the sacred traditions of women and drumming reunited our GRRRLS with ancient practices for creating healing and harmony. In a matter of minutes, everyone present was more connected, open and joyful. I can't wait to do it again!"

A Unique Approach to Healing - Stephanie McCombs, Residential Manager, Voyage Journey Pure
“I work for a residential treatment facility for women with dual diagnoses, with a keen focus on healing past trauma. Karen Renée facilitates groups regularly for our program. Our clients come from all walks of life and with a diverse previous treatment history. Karen Renée is able to make a connection with each and every one of our women, providing them with a powerful resource towards a spiritual connection. Her presence is always that of love and light, and through this she is able to introduce Frame Drumming to all kinds of clients with a diverse array of issues. Thank you Karen Renée so much for the important work that you do with our women!”

A Transformational Experience - Lori K. Weir, Founder of Relationship Architects
"Personally participating in sound circles facilitated by Frame Drum Wisdom continues to be a transformational experience. Finding, hearing and feeling the vibration of my own voice in resonance with the drum is empowering and liberating. The practice continues to expand my confidence in the power of my authentic voice.

On a professional level, we recently introduced a client to Karen Renee Robb and Frame Drum Singing as part of a strategic planning event. Over the course of a couple of days, we had explored the unique value proposition of each team member and their collective genius toward establishing a new rhythm for success in the coming year. As each team member sounded into the drum, they could hear and feel their own voice, as well as, marvel at the beauty of the harmony the team was naturally creating. They experientially "gave voice"to the new rhythm of success they are creating. Being a witness to their experience and the team's cohesiveness was indescribable."

Her Techniques Really Work - John Partipilo, National Award Winning Photojournalist
"I experienced Karen Renée Robb’s frame drum sound vibration massage before I went on my trip to Cuba. It was amazing. The first thing I noticed was how grounded and balanced I became after the session. I am an American Indian and in my culture the drum is the heart of our Native American roots, so this made it very special to me. Karen Renee is so talented and her techniques really work. I recommend her to anymore that wants more balance in their life."

A Truly Organic Healing and Nourishment - Emily Davidson, C.Ac, L.Ac - Ginkgo Acupuncture
"I had an experience that I'd characterize as joyful, nourishing, and full of transformative power! I had been feeling blocked in my throat area, as though I was losing ability to voice my needs. The frustrations of daily communication were showing themselves in my body. I love to sing and play with sounding my voice and Karen Renée made this a safe and non-judgemental space to do so. Also, she uses her lovely voice to sing and tone with the frame drum. It was an inspiration for me and I felt comfortable after a few minutes to let go with my own sounds. Those sounds came out and weaved their own story and pattern. I felt 10 lbs lighter in my own body after!

This session was very helpful in that I had some communication issues that needed to get dislodged and Karen Renée was a great facilitator for that. If you aren't a natural singer or can't seem to find your voice--or if you'd like to use your voice as easily as you did as a baby/child--this is a great time to use and play with it. Whatever your reasons for seeking out this session, more will be revealed once you are in the process! Truly organic healing and nourishment with a healthy dose of play."

Almost Instantly Transformed -
Janet Berkeley
"My experience with your Frame Drum Workshop for Therapists...
I came to the workshop after a long day at my job - currently my job is uber demanding of my 'whole self' and I was beginning to suffer from compassion fatigue.  I came to the workshop with Karen Renée and was almost instantly transformed from a crunchy gremlin to wildly free pixie dust!  The vibration of the drum sort of tickled my insides and the experience of sounding into the drum was like reconnecting with an old friend.  Before the class I had been feeling the heavy weight of other peoples energy on my shoulders and truly felt not only a lifting of that but a light heartedness that comes with 'relief'.  Then the laughter came, and came and came.  Thank you Karen Renée for a beautiful introduction to frame drum work! I am grateful!"

Restoring The Spirit - A Unique And Beneficial Experience To Reconnect To Oneself -
Debbie Owen
"Our lives begin with rhythm, a baseline. Our heartbeat. It syncs with our mother’s heartbeat and becomes a constant. Once we are born the rhythm continues with the back and forth of a rocking chair, the patting of our backs with another’s steady hand, the sway of our mother or fathers hips as they gently coaxed us into sleep or security in their upright dance.

It is our rhythm. It is our music, simple but beautiful.

As we grow this baseline is incorporated in all we do: The ticking of a clock, the slow steady beat of a run, the rocking of a fishing boat. The wind as it sways through the trees. The routine of our day—the accepted without the unexpected.

But, when those unexpected things come into our lives, our rhythm is shaken and somehow we're are thrown off beat.

For centuries music has been used as remedy for healing. Our health-care industry is incorporating music therapies for treatment of pain management, PTSD, Autism, Alzheimer's, Cancer rehabilitation programs, music in trauma units, and is, even today, widely used in occupational therapy and psychotherapy programs.  Its profound effects have been astonishingly beneficial to patients and have opened up a new mindset in our health care system.

Karen Renee, has been using drums as a source of healing for her constituents for many years. Her clinics use sound vibration as a form of restoring the spirit. As most of us go through some type of trauma or disruption in our lives, Karen believes that returning to the simple baseline of the drum can reset our minds with focus and relaxation. She also incorporates voice vibration through the drums, which can improve one's confidence by reconnecting to our voice as we did when we were children.

Her clinics are held in a safe environment and allow for one to truly experience a unique opportunity and, in my mind, a “special treat.”

As a lover of drums and their history, I would highly recommend Karen's clinic. Not only is one able to play the drums, but one is also able to enjoy a unique and beneficial experience to reconnect to oneself."

A New Era Of Reconnecting Therapy In The Making -
"Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing spiritual provoking and inter-body experience through Frame Drum singing! I am inspired to continue to develop a connection with my new drum...and I look forward to permeating the vibrations to others! Seeing the other ladies in the play shop having similar experiences was very affirming that this is a new era of reconnecting therapy in the making. I felt like I had made a visit to a spirit goddess hide out and was given a new lease on interpersonal communication. Such a peaceful feeling. Thanks again for sharing and teaching!"

I Felt Very Clear About My Next Steps –
Beth Inglish
"For the first time in my life I gave myself the gift of time and attended Karen Renee's 2-day Sound Sacred Retreat. From beginning to end it was inspiring! I felt connected to my purpose and unlocked the desires of my heart. It was perfect to have facilitation time in both group and individual sessions too. The group allowed me feel safe and supported and the individual time gave me space to reflect and listen to my soul's wisdom. I especially loved the intention setting and releasing at the fire pit to let my desires be known. The retreat definitely helped me gain the confidence I needed to make tough decisions and at the end I felt very clear about my next steps. Karen Renee has a gift of bringing out the best in her clients and I highly recommend working with her at a session or retreat. You will love it!”

Sacred Sound Retreat Absolutely Amazing -
Samantha "Sam" Trotter
"Hey guys! I went to the first sacred sound retreat! It was absolutely amazing! When I first got to the TN Cozy Cabin, I felt a little shy and intimidated by my surroundings. Karen's vibrational healing through drumming and singing made me feel more content with myself and where I was. Group drumming, singing and discussions helped even more. There was personal time for reflection, meditation and journaling. I feel that I have made some life-long, true friends. I encourage anyone and everyone to go to this one. Thank you Karen, Sue and Sallie!"

Allow Your Inner Wisdom To Flow -
Jess Bray
"I am so grateful for answering the guidance of a dear friend who led me to Karen Renée and Frame Drum Wisdom.  The connection I feel with Karen Renée and the frame drum is an ancient remembering of a time when drumming on earth was new, sacred and predominantly played by women as a tool for healing.  These ancient roots re-ignited a passion in me to integrate the frame drum into my home and healing practices and to share it with others.

As a vocal healer, much of my sound vibrations are heard by my inner ear, with the recipient getting a much fuller resonance of the sound.  Singing into the frame drum provides my outer ear the ability to hear and receive more of the resonance of my own vibrations, making it a wonderful tool for self healing.

I'm also a believer in the power of the frame drum as a medium to assist in awakening each Soul's inner wisdom.  Sharing your voice in presence of others can bring about all kinds of discomforting emotions.  Holding the frame drum lends a real sense of comfort and familiarity, allowing your inner wisdom the freedom to flow.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Karen Renée's frame drum play-shop.  Not only was it fun and inspiring, but being "drummed on" helped me to cleanse and release energetic blockages from my field.  Karen Renée's strong focus and passion for her Soul's work is inspiring, and she holds space for her guests in such a loving and supportive way, with little doses of humor to keep it Light.  Thank you Karen Renée for your presence in my life and in the world.  Keep singing, keep beaming!"

An Amazing Opportunity To Reconnect! -
Karen Roberts
"I was so blessed to be a participant at Karen Renée Robb's Frame Drum Wisdom introduction to healing sound which took place at Liberation Nashville on 12th Avenue South.  This was my first full participation and I found it be an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the sacredness of my own voice. I became lost in the vibrations, playfully, joyfully and magnetically abound by the ancient wisdom of my long ago voice.  Thank you Karen for your courage to provide this opportunity.  I hope others will join you in this beautiful journey to Frame Drum Wisdom."

I Want To Share Frame Drum Singing With Everyone -
Yavia Mirez
"The most beautiful voice is that of your own when you sing into a Frame Drum... It is a heart gift you lovingly regift to yourself.  Our group was honored to have a "Frame Drum Wisdom" PlayShop facilitated by the creator Karen Reneé Robb, an amazing woman with a story and passion that needs to be shared and heard.  Just as Layne Redmond reclaimed the Frame Drum Movement, Karen Renée's journey is to "help" us reclaim our voice. Once you experience a PlayShop you are left with the need to move it forward. I was left in such a state of heart bliss that I want to share frame drum singing with everyone. My most profound moment was being able to say goodbye to a dear and lovely friend... Where I couldn't find words through my tears I found my voice to sing what I could not say... My heart is filled full of blessings and love for this powerful healing tool. Thank You Karen Reneé for believing, trusting and knowing that at this moment in time your Frame Drum Wisdom is so needed."

The Voice of My Spirit -
Tina Whitfield
"I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the drum play-shop on Sunday. It was a very beautiful and powerful experience for me to be with others in the safety of that space, sounding and playing the drums together, with and for one another. Holding and singing into or playing my drum, I feel as though it has always been a part of me, in every lifetime. . . the vibrations connect me to myself. When I pick up my drum and begin, the sounds and drumbeats speak, emanating from me as the voice of my spirit."

The Shift -

"I walked into the workshop very tired, emotionally drained, and somewhat depressed.  I left buzzing, smiling, and feeling very connected to life, myself, and the world.  What an amazingly fast shift of state!  I feel grateful for this beautiful practice and hope to continue joining frame drum circles in the future."

Flowing Energy and Freedom- Michael Shumate

"Thank you again for Thursday night! It was spiritual healing, camaraderie, and joyful play. As I mentioned, I felt playful and childlike, the opposite of my usual timid self-consciousness. For me, it was fifth chakra work. The energy flowed, and I felt free, yet connected to those around me.

Healing Has Begun! Just before the drumming, I was describing to my drumming partner how I am in a grieving process.  I went on to talk about my stiff neck, lower back, etc.  During the drumming, I was able, for the most part, to let go of my over thinking and analyzing and just feel the drumbeat.  When the drum was over my heart, my heart responded strongly to the sound and feeling of the drumbeat.  It was almost overwhelming.  I finally realized that my heart had taken its rightful place, and was simply saying that it was broken.  Just that simple.  A broken heart.  My brain can make things so complicated... I can say with all honesty that healing has begun! This experience led me away from my thoughts and into my heart.  It made me aware anew that my heart needs to be in charge."

A Tool for Personal Empowerment -
Micah Judd
"Yesterday, Wonderful Karen drummed on me and I am now fascinated with the frame drum as a divine tool.  For me, this was an introductory experience, just to let me see what it was like. I have practiced smudging to prepare space for meditation, inspiration and healing, so I was surprised to find myself intuitively moving into that mode of mindful focus as we began.

The sound vibrations felt like an ally moving through me to loosen unhelpful energy residue. After a time, I felt like the purpose of the vibrations changed from cleansing to awakening. I felt as if the sound was finding its way to the different energy houses in my body and nudging them to wakefulness, the vibrations flowing like the energy wants to flow. I felt this most strongly in the first and second chakras.

Later talking to Karen, I found out that when she does a kind of open script session like this, no conversation before hand about current life events or desires, that she will often put emphasis on grounding, especially with women. That was a lovely coincidence since I am at a place in my journey where I love the mud and all the imagery it invites related to roots, ground and earth. Afterward I felt cleansed and awake, bright with peaceful energy. I really want to do this myself. These tools of voice and drum seem laden with potential for personal empowerment. Thank you, Karen, for bringing this gift into my world."

Drum Therapy To Me -
Tammie Dodge
"I'll start by saying it feels good, obviously, or I wouldn't keep doing it. Even for a friend as good as Karen. Ok, I'd give it five or ten tries for her. I didn't know what to expect the first time but I tried to keep my mind open which I will admit now was a little difficult. I love meditation music and do find it soothing and healing. Drumming though? The only drumming I really know is from my husband, the heavy metal, double bass, so not soothing, drum player.

The first time I heard Karen sing into her drum I got chills, the good kind. At the time my first thought was this is what a mermaid might sound like, or an angel, or goddess of old. I also knew she had something because I could feel it vibrate throughout my very sick body.  It was like a little spark along the nerves that woke them up... in a good way. Our first session was impromptu and I but I got a boost of energy out of it. The drumming felt like it was pushing the blood through my body and behind my closed eyes it went from dark to nearly white.

Since that first session with Karen, my health, specifically the Lupus flare that is trying to take over my body with; seizures, migraines, arthritis, kidney infection, muscles aches and an undiagnosed stomach issue, has gone down hill faster than a roller coaster.

I just had another session with Karen and she's come so far in her beautiful, musical, mission of healing. She knows a lot about what is wrong with me so together we set our intention for the session. Some nice relaxing meditative music to start along with Karen's amazing voice humming with it... And then the drums start..... I feel every beat roll through my body, it feels as if my blood vibrates and for a few minutes my body does not like it and tenses, it feels heavy, weighted down, almost to the fight or flight point. I have to breathe through this, slow and steady, my feet fidget, I see black behind my eyes, my mind won't quiet, keep breathing.....

Several deep breathes later, it's gone, I'm in the light. My body feels light, I can barely hear the drumsat all, I feel the vibration and hear the soft music but even they are in the background, what I'm listening to now, I think, is the beat of my own heart and the rush of my own blood. I see only light behind my closed eyes, soft, misty colors of blue and green and I fall into a healing sleep.  I can say its a healing sleep because its the same healing, energy boost type of sleep I get from acupuncture. Not even the strongest prescription pain or sleep medications I take give me the type of rest and energy that this does. I encourage you to give it a chance.

Love, Love, Love -
Debbie Martens
"My most recent experience occurred when my husband (JM) and I were stressed out and not communicating very well. Most everything coming from my mouth was loud and unkind. JM picked up the drum and started singing into it, the drum really stirred something in my heart and I sat down facing him sharing the drum singing, answering, back and forth, sometimes together. Then I remembered the Pono Pono I'm sorry song sung by Dina Rae so started that - playing as we sang along into the drum to each other "I'm sorry, forgive me,  I  love you, thank you" ... adding things we were sorry for. We started off without eye contact and gradually eye contact happened as we believed the song and meant what we were singing. Very powerful unifying healing experience that came together thru our frame drum.

Other experiences...
I took the drum to the nursing home my step mother (she has Alzheimer's) was rehabbing at. We sat outside in the courtyard and I sang into the drum to her. I sang her name, "Shirley Francis, most beautiful name, momma, I love you, you are loved", and so on. She chuckled and smiled, there was none of her usual anger that the disease had her stuck in. After singing I drummed over her, she seemed to like it and never asked me to stop. As I wheeled her back into the nursing home some visitors of another resident asked me what that was - I explained what the frame drum was and that anyone can do it, they said they weren't musicians like me! Ha I laughed and told them I was not a musician and anyone can do this! As a child in school I was one of those kids told to mouth the words because I couldn't sing or even whistle in key! Anyone can do this, even you!

The beautiful part of this story occurred after I left, one of Shirley's  daughters told me she had the most wonderful visit with her mom that evening than she had in years. Somehow I think it had to do with the drumming and singing. So I continued to bring the drum and sing and drum for her and the other residents. This all gave me courage to ask to teach "Let Your Yoga Dance" for Special Populations at this nursing home.

I am a certified teacher and had not yet taught a class in public. So I asked and they said yes! I brought my drum to class and after teaching went around the circle and drummed a little over each person that said yes. One woman could not move or barely communicate had tears roll down her face as I drummed. It kind of scared me at first and then I looked and saw her, she appeared to be Native American and I saw her tears as a connection to her life and loss and my fear turned to compassion and joy for what the frame drum had brought to this woman.

I've only had one person say they didn't want to be drummed on so far. Everyone I've drummed on so far has said they like the feel or that it helped with some pain they had or other positive reports.

For myself the drumming on others has had such an energizing effect on me  especially when drumming in community with other drummers. The singing into the drum has given me confidence in my singing ability and healed that younger part, my younger self who was told to mouth the words because I couldn't sing. They said I couldn't even whistle a tune!

During the summer frame drum singing in Centennial Park I had the confidence to echo sing with Karen Renée - I never would have done that before! This renewed love of singing is so healing and fun. Thank you for being a part of this growth and healing. Love love love."

A Mother's Love -
Phyllis Robb
"I really have to share my experience with the frame drums. I loved having you drum on me for my birthday.  I also loved having you sing. But, after watching you drum on and sing to the folks at the Alzheimer facility in Ann Arbor, I went and bought myself a 16 inch REMO Fiberskyn and a CT1 General mallet.  I liked the sound and tone of this drum very much.  I found it energizing to play.  Loved the rhythms and the vibrations.

The impact you personally had on all those lovely people in various stages of dementia was astounding.  Watching them react in so many ways to the beats and your words…. very soothing, very calming.  For many it brought untold wonderful memories to the surface.

When you returned last month to do a Play-shop with your drum I watched as professional musicians and spiritualists came together to sing into and play the drums.  Some were skeptical at first, but by the end of the session all of them (and me) were singing and playing their hearts out.   I liked your 18-inch REMO so much, I bought the 18-inch Skyndeep. This one is for singing.  It can amplify my voice.  It resonates so beautifully.  

Being drummed upon is relaxing, and soothing.  It washes my brain.  It scrubs away anxiety and worry. Not every person has a beautiful trained voice. Not everyone can play a musical instrument.  But everyone can breathe and hum into a drum. Everyone can make sounds and rhythms with their fingers, knuckles, palm or stick. 

Today I was alone on a gloomy and rainy day.  I picked up my 18-inch and began humming and oohing and aahing into the drum.  Just enjoying the sounds I could make.  Then I sang an old song I love, “Unchained Melody”.  It was so lovely it even made me cry in a very cleansing way. I just had to share that with you. Why has it taken me more than 70 years to discover the joy of the frame drum?  It has magic powers for me.

Layne Redmond's book "When the Drummers Were Women" was yet another aha moment for me.  This spiritual history of rhythm is remarkable. Some have described this book as passionate and erudite.  For me it exposed my feminine roots.  It is so full of amazing pictures and line drawings. I loved traveling the last 5000 years with the drum and my healer sisters.  I can't wait to share this with everyone I know.  

Thank you Karen Renée for passing on the wisdom of the goddesses before us."

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