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Karen Renée Robb

Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom


Karen Renée is a vocal, written word, and visual artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm, and creative expression through the use of the frame drum and other modalities. A mid-wife for the souls expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the Healing Arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and development. Karen Renée is also a Sound & Reiki Clinician, Gene Keys Guide, Circle Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker/Performer, and Universal Life Minister.

After 25 years in Corporate America, working for well-known companies including Apple Computer, Digidesign (creator of Pro Tools), Gibson Guitar, and Griffin Technology,  Karen Renée felt a deep calling to use her unique talents, experience and marketing expertise to advocate for and participate in sound and music healing modalities.

After leaving Nashville-based Griffin Technology in December 2012, she founded
"The Music City Alliance for Sound & Music Healing,” a community of people dedicated to advocating for, participating in and spreading the "good news" about sound and music healing. 

“In a city rich in music and healthcare innovations it is time for us to raise the awareness of the power for sound and music to heal and transform people at depth. From birth to death the vibration of sound can be used to promote well-being, help to lead happier, healthier lives, open up our creative expression and can even assist in the process of dying. Let us become a beacon for the world, shining a light on new innovative and traditional methods of healing through sound and music. It just makes logical sense for the greater city of Nashville, this wonderful community of creative souls to bring the power of sound to a whole new realm.”

Walking her authentic path she found inspiration in frame drum singing, toning and drumming.  Introduced to the frame drum from a TEDx talk by Eliana Gilad in early 2013, she states “The first time I watched and listened to her sing into the drum,
I knew that I was being called to do it as well. I believe there is an opportunity for a lot of people to resonate with it. I am facilitating classes, organizational workshops and private sessions to introduce others to the art and magic of the frame drum. It's not just for drumming anymore and you don’t need to be a trained musician to benefit from it.”

Her venture Frame Drum Wisdom is helping people reclaim their voice, to speak their truth and create sounds that stir their heart and soul. Opening them up to a greater sense of self and creative expression in their lives. She has touched the lives of people in transition through volunteering at Alive Hospice; awakened the voices of people of all ages, especially women; provided connection and vocal strength for people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimers; and even uses the techniques to aide in alcohol and  drug rehabilitation programs. The application for this frame drum wisdom is truly endless.

Karen Renée has always had a deep desire to help connect people to the beauty that resides within and around them.  This new path on her journey continues to expand her ability to touch people’s lives in a profound way. “I am energized by helping people find and embrace who they really are so they can shine their authentic, beautiful light into the world. We need all of our lights to shine brightly, now more then ever.”

Facilitating in group settings or private one-on-one sessions, Karen Renée brings a level of compassion and caring that creates ease and comfort to those she encounters. It is her dedication to bringing out the best in the people she meets that makes the experiences she creates meaningful and memorable.

“I believe that we each have healing power within our very own voices.  Singing, toning, chanting is not just for the masters of music, the people deemed by society to be the official entertainers…it is for everyone.  It is accessible wherever we are, wherever we go.  The key is to help people realize that their own authentic voice matters, first and foremost and then show them how they can use it to be well and stay healthy. In the days ahead there will be so much to share about this ancient tool for healing and personal empowerment.  I am excited to be able to share the wisdom of the frame drum in many forms.  Through frame drum singing, drumming, recording, live performance, private sessions, facilitating meaningful experiences and many other ways, I am dedicated bringing frame drums into every home as a tool for well-being, healing and connection. Connecting our hearts, minds and voices in a very powerful way."

Available for group facilitation and private session. To learn more go to or

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Karen Renée Robb 

Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom and

ReSounding Wholeness

~ Healing Arts Facilitator
~ Vocal, Visual  & Written Word Artist
~ Sound & Reiki Clinician
~ Gene Keys Guide

~ Circle Facilitator
~ Group Facilitation & Private Sessions

~ Wedding Officiant

~ Notary Public (state of TN)


Currently based in Nashville, TN ~ Karen Renée is available to travel for retreat facilitation, presentations, interactive training, and more!  Connect with her today to start or continue your personal journey with sound.

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