Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” -Beethoven

"It's time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom."
- Remo Belli, Founder & CEO - Remo Inc

Karen Renée Robb is the founder of Frame Drum Wisdom, The Music City Alliance For Sound & Music Healing and a REMO HealthRhythms Facilitator.

Karen Renée utilizes frame drums to help people connect with their own unique voice and innate rhythm. Through personal exploration of sound and music-making, people are uplifted, enlivened and renewed in a beautiful way. Creating the term Frame Drum Singing, she shares the power of sound vibration through singing into the frame drum, creating ethereal resonating tones and harmonics that are amplified by the drum.

Sound Vibration Massage is another technique that is used. By gently drumming over and around a persons body with the frame drum, sound vibrations move through the body creating a soothing, gentle massaging effect. A person becomes relaxed, reducing anxiety and helping ease pain or discomfort in a variety of ways. Most people have a difficult time finding words to describe how it feels, many are left speechless. It truly needs to be experienced in order for person to comprehend how extraordinary it is.
No musical experience or training is required to participate in and benefit from using these techniques.

Facilitating in group settings or private one-on-one sessions, Karen Renée brings a level of compassion and caring that creates ease and comfort to those she encounters. It is her dedication to bringing out the best in the people she meets that makes the experiences she creates meaningful and memorable.

“I believe that we each have healing power within our very own voices.  Singing, toning, chanting is not just for the masters of music, the people deemed by society to be the official entertainers…it is for everyone.  It is accessible wherever we are, wherever we go.  The key is to help people

realize that their own authentic voice matters, first and foremost and then show them how they can use it to be well and stay healthy.

In the days ahead there will be so much to share about this ancient tool for healing and personal empowerment.  I am excited to be able to share the wisdom of the frame drum in many forms.  Through frame drum singing, drumming, recording, live performance, private sessions, facilitating play-shops and many other ways, I am dedicated bringing frame drums into every home as a tool for well-being, healing and connection. Connecting our hearts, minds and voices in a very powerful way. "

Liberating our lives through sound. We will access the power of our voice; connect with our inner calling; take time for inner reflection and journaling; sound and drum for our deepest longing; and connect with the transformative power of women in a safe, supportive, comforting and compassionate way.

We will learn/review the Frame Drum Wisdom techniques of frame drum singing & sounding; sound vibration massage; and take a deep dive into sound healing circle experiences throughout the day.

If you are interested in starting your own Frame Drum Sound Healing Circle, this would be a great retreat experience to have.
If you coming from out of town, I have a few spaces for sleeping arrangements on Saturday evening but it will cost a bit extra.

WHAT TO BRING: Wear comfortable clothes, a journal & pen, frame drum (if you don't have one yet there will be some available), water bottle, your favorite blanket, a sacred item for our circle space, and your courageous, beautiful self.

Looking forward to being with all who are called to the circle!

Featured Events

photo by Kevin Schlatt Photography


Reclaim Your Voice ~ Reclaim Your Life ~ A Day Retreat

Saturday, May 21st  12:00pm-5:00pm
In Mount Juliet, Tenneesee
$100/person - space limited to 10 women
Registration and payment is required by Wednesday, May 18th

Email to reserve your spot and for payment instructions

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Frame Drum Wisdom is dedicated to bringing the power of sound vibration and music for well-being and healing back into the hands of the individual, their family, community and organizations they serve.

Awaken your whole being through sound by liberating your authentic voice and natural heartbeat rhythm.

Vision:  A Frame Drum In Every Home
Creating a global community of frame drum carriers for personal and collective healing, well-being and connection. Raising the awareness about how sound effects our physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  

Frame Drum Sound Circles for Soothing Comfort, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Sound and music have the ability to inspire and awaken people in a profound way.  Studies have shown that singing, drumming and communal music-making can create a positive effect on the well-being of individuals and create deeper, meaningful connections within a group of people.

A Frame Drum Sound Circle is an interactive therapeutic experience where participants are encouraged to sing, sound and drum in an easy, fun way.  No previous musical experience is necessary to participate. Just our voice and innate heartbeat rhythm is all that is needed.

As participants sound and drum together, spirits are lifted and energy is renewed and enlivened. Through the creation of sound vibrations from singing and drumming, the cells of the body are activated and energized, creating a wonderful sensation that affects not only the body, but helps ease the mind, emotions and spirit. 

Make a conscious decision to give your self a daily dose of good vibration, natural medicine.