Feeling Is Believing

Reconnecting People to the Power of Sound & Creative Expression

Frame Drum Wisdom is dedicated to bringing the power of voice, sound vibration, music, and creative expression for

well-being and healing back into the hands of individuals, their family, community and organizations they serve.

Through the techniques of frame drum singing/sounding, sound vibration massage and interactive sound circles you will experience a profound, holistic, natural way to reduce stress and raise your energy on many levels.

Awaken your whole being through sound by liberating your authentic voice and natural

heartbeat rhythm.  As you open up you will find a renewed desire to create and be creative

in your life.

Make a conscious decision to give yourself a daily dose of good vibration, natural medicine. 

We share a variety of sounding tools to meet your unique needs.

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The new Frame Drum Wisdom website is still under construction.  We appreciate your patience as we complete the updating of new offerings and information.  Please visit the Events page under Calendar in the menu bar for upcoming classes.  If you have any questions, you can reach Karen Renée at FrameDrumWisdom@gmail.com.  Thank you for your interest and support! 



Frame Drum Wisdom seeks to provide products and services that are of the highest quality.  Experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.  And to honor the unique creative essence of our clients and those we serve.