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Frame Drum Painting

Water, Color & Sound

Make Your Drum An Expression And Extension Of You

frame drum painting
Give yourself permission to paint your frame drum to be a unique expression of you and your soul path.  I provide a safe supportive space for you to engage with the ever-flowing creative spirit within you.  As a visual artist and healing arts facilitator,
I love helping people open up to their own creative potential.  Reach out to me if you would like guidance on how to step into this amazing, flowing journey. 
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Water, Color & Sound | Explore the creative power of sound and color through drumming, vocalizing, and watercolor techniques designed to expand your experience of spontaneous flow. Our time together will be spent in equal parts sound circle and in putting color to paper and witnessing how the flow of water moves it effortlessly across the page, creating pleasant surprises and mystical imagery. Deeply meditative and enlivening. You will leave with a deeper awareness of your ability to “go with the flow” and feeling vibrantly alive. Watercolor supplies and frame drums/other percussive instruments provided.
This class is available through the Art and Soul Studio in Nashville on July 19th and October 24th, 2020.  It can also be shared for other private or organizational events and retreats. 
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